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Venus Body Oil



The Ritual, Venus Body Oil was created for daily ritual, as a sensual experience reminiscent of ancient goddesses and deities. Handmade and slow infused, the hypnotic scent features smoky earth notes and a sweet lingering kiss of warmth that connects you with the energies and archetype of Venus. The gold kiss its leaves on the skin acts as a precious reminder of your value, whilst leaving a mystical and warm shadow of fragrance on the skin for several hours. 

Each ingredient has been carefully sourced absolute highest quality -- 

Grandfather frankincense protect you. 

Grandmother myrrh nurture you. 

Lover rose opens you to new profound depths. 

Calming violets release tension and inflammation. 

Awakening blue lotus connects you to your psychic self and intuition. 

May the calendula be the sunshine that radiates from within.

The Ritual: To anoint oneself with divine love and sensuality -- After bathing, whilst still wet place a few pumps of the oil into the palms of your hand. Take a moment to breathe and gently work your way up the body, beginning at the feet, massaging the oil into the skin. As you caress your skin state words of self-love and self-care out loud. Words such as, I am love, I am radiant, I am magnetic.