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The Manifestor Ritual Kit ™


“I am powerful, I am magnetic, I am radiant, I am abundant. Prosperity easily finds me.” 

Holding on too tightly to a given outcome, idea, or thought only causes it to run feverishly in the other direction while we are left with frustrations as we wonder why, with all of our dedication, the things we want do not stay or do not come. 

Perhaps you wish to welcome the abundance of friendship, financial success, or health, The Manifestor Ritual Kit will help you to amplify prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. It guides you as you magnify your projection, allowing you to establish a stronger trust in your desires and the path toward them. 

The Manifestor Ritual Kit was hand-crafted with intention and is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. It includes all provisions to perform a manifesting ritual to bring abundance and prosperity to you and/or someone you love. 


1 x Organic beeswax votive candle

1 x Sustainably harvested Palo Santo stick

1 x Sustainably farmed and harvested sage stick

1 x Full moon charged Clear Quartz crystal

1 x Organic blue lotus infused anoiting oil


Clear Quartz is a powerful cleansing stone that aides in removing negative thoughts and attachments by summoning forth light and clarity. Clear quartz assists us in finding balance within ourselves and is one of the known essentials for energy work. A deeply amplifying and enhancing stone it has long been called the master healer or master stone for the clarification and strength it can bring in healing practices. Our clear quartz has been cleansed in a 1% salt solution before being charged under the Full Moon under our pine trees.

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