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Moon Mail® - Digital


Moon Mail is a monthly letter with guidance and insight for the new moon and the full moon of that month. It has all the information and ritual guidance needed to get you through the that lunar cycle.

Why do we sent Moon Mail on the New Moon? The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle a time for us to begin anew, set our intentions and get clear on what we wish to summon into our lives. Inside each monthly edition is a carefully curated set of intentions and affirmations, meditation practice and astrological guidance. It is a living transmission to support you in connecting to the Sacredness within.

What does Moon Mail Digital include?

- Written insight into the current energies of the month

- New moon astrology for the month ahead

- Full moon astrology for the month ahead

- New moon affirmations/spells for your new moon ritual

- Meditation practice with step by step instructions

- Full moon prayers for your full moon ceremony