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Full Moon Goddess Series


When you call on a goddess, you are invoking the feminine. Woman is the living embodiment of creation, we are infinite circles of energy and calling on a divine archetype under the powerful and mystical light of the Full Moon, we magnify our power within. 

The Full Moon is a time to go within, to tune into yourself and discover the qualities and aspects you need in this moment - it is a magickal time to create sacred space in which to gift them to the Self

For the upcoming three Full Moons, I will be holding a live ritual series in which I will guide you through the art of creating sacred space through ritual by invoking the feminine goddess energies of Quan Yin, Isis, and Freyja. In these workshops you will receive instruction on creating sacred space, how to invoke each goddess by creating altars dedicated to each, discover the offerings unique to each goddess, be given affirmations and journal prompts specific to each goddess and the Moon cycle, and be guided through a beautiful meditation practice. 

The workshop is sold as a bundle and will be performed on three full moons beginning September 20. A Zoom link will be sent out prior to the workshop, with replay available for those in different time zones. 

Date: September 20, October 21, November 19 
Time: 8:30 PM AEST // 12:30 PM CEST // 6:30 AM EST 
Investment: $111 AUD 

Altars become a point of reference and remembrance. With the power of your intention and presence it sends a powerful message into the subconscious mind, reprogramming the influential part of your beliefs, allowing you to see your intention become a reality through the senses. Allow the Goddesses to give you the courage, boldness, and grace to live life with more beauty, grace, and ease. 

The Workshop will be held on a private Zoom link and will be recorded and sent out to those unable to attend live.