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Dark Moon Soap


This hand made soap has been created with the intention for use in dark/new moon ritual bathing and ceremony. A hypnotic scent featuring notes of mysterious oud, reminiscent of ancient ceremonies and rites and walks amongst old-growth forests leaving a rich and warm shadow of fragrance on the skin for up to 24 hours.

Deeply moisturising and cleansing this soap is for lovers of the woods, emanating an intoxicating depth of frankincense and vetiver. This soap will remove any negative energy from the energetic body with the addition of mineral-rich salt while cleansing the physical body with ground pumice. A ritualists must have to prepare for chosen ritual or ceremony.

Care: This soap has been made with natural oils that have been saponified using the cold process ancient Egyptian method. It is important that all moisture is evaporated after each use. Please ensure you allow it to air dry and store on an appropriate dish that does not collect water. Do not store in an airtight container, your soap needs to breathe.

As this item is hand made and hand cut each piece will slightly vary between 150- 200 grams.