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Dark Moon Salts


These hand made salts have been created with the intention for use in dark/new moon ritual bathing and ceremonies. A hypnotic scent featuring smokey earth notes and a sound when touched that reminds us of shells and pebbles beneath our feet. These salts have been created as a full sensual experience reminiscent of ancient ceremonies and rites and walks amongst old-growth forests leaving a rich and warm shadow of fragrance on the skin for several hours.

Deeply, cleansing and nurturing these salts are for lovers of the woods, emanating an intoxicating depth of frankincense. These salts will remove any negative energy from the energetic body with the affection of mineral-rich dead sea salt and magnesium chloride while cleaning the physical body with activated charcoal. A must have for ritualises to prepare for chosen ritual or ceremony.

How to use: Fill the bath to your desired temperature and sprinkle a handful of salts over the water as you state what you wish to release. Once you have submerged yourself in the bath state your intentions for the month ahead and allow yourself to be transported to the ancient forest. 

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan salt, Dead Sea mineral salt, magnesium chloride flakes, frankincense powder, organic jasmine flowers, organic activated charcoal.