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Bath Nectar


This bath nectar has been blended by hand under the energy of the new moon, a time each month where we are gifted to start fresh and anew. This bath nectar is made from organic and therapeutic grade ingredients, with each element carefully
chosen to support you in your bathing rituals.

The suggested ritual for this product is to anoint oneself with the sweetness of life. The suggested mantra for this ritual is I am regal, I am divine. The Gold infuses this ritual product as it is the colour of love and abundance. Organic Manuka Honey has been selected for its sweetness and connection to joy, prosperity and rebirth, connecting you with the delight and reverence within. Organic Coconut Milk Powder nourishes the skin while delivering essential fatty acids to create a bathing ritual reminiscent of Cleopatra. This Bath Nectar has a creamy, sweet and citrus scent to stimulate the senses while caressing the skin with shimmering gold.

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan salt, Dead Sea mineral salt, Organic coconut milk powder, organic orange, organic Manuka honey, organic calendula petals, organic chamomile flowers, gold.